Free Delivery to Airport

Our Mission

We are committed to service excellence in the car rental industry, by providing reliable and consistent car rental service standards to individuals and organizations, customer satisfaction remains of paramount importance in every operation.

Richa rent a car

as been operating in Lebanon for over 10 years as one of the region's leading car rental companies, providing business and leisure customers with a wide range of services ranging from sport and luxury car rental with or without driver to airport pickups and drop of.

Richa's mission is to deliver te best quality product in a pleasant atmosphere and guarantee a great value for the customers. The company's main vision is to focus on customers' satisfaction and it has well established its image in the region by founding strong relationships with its clients.

Our People

In our line of work, Richa rental truly believe that a simple smile will make a huge difference.
At Richa's we dont just rent xars, we solve problems and assist you in avoiding future ones. Armed with Specialized, practical and efficient services. We are always ready to receive your call, whether it is picking you u from the airport, delivering your rented car to a selected destination, or assist you in an emergency; we do it with a big smile.